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You'll dance too, when you sample our

Misty Knoll Farm
New Haven, Vermont


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Welcome to the home of the most delicious turkeys on the Web!
Vermont Turkeys are world-famous for their natural flavor and self-basting

properties without the use of injected fats or other additives.
Home, home on the free-range...

The Misty Knoll Farm is a family owned and operated farm devoted to producing the finest range poultry and poultry products as an alternative to other meat and meat products.

As stewards of the Vermont countryside, we treat our farm as a precious irreplaceable natural resource.  Therefore, we follow farming practices that ensure our crop land and pastures will be productive for future generations of Vermonters.

We start our flocks with the healthiest chicks or poults available from our hatchery or other reputable hatcheries.  The birds are then placed in a specially designed brooder house where they are sheltered  from the elements.  The flocks develop in this protected environment until they are capable of withstanding the cool nights of Vermont.  Then they are moved to open barns where they have free access to lush pastures as well as grain, water and shelter.

It takes a little longer to grow birds in this free range environment, but it is nice to know that what you buy from us has led a stress-free, clean, and healthy life.

We have our own on-site, U.S.D.A inspected processing facility where all of our processing and grading is done by hand.  This process ensures you that only the finest birds are offered for sale, while providing jobs for people, not machines.

We are so sure that you will love our poultry that we offer the following guarantee: If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any of our products we will promptly replace the product or refund your money.  It is that simple.

Say, did you hear the one about.....

You know, we've got to stop meeting like this!

What is a free-range turkey,
and why are they so delicious?

Free-range birds live and grow in the fresh air and sunshine, not cooped up like sardines.  They are inherently healthier as a result, and thrive in our famous Vermont clean air.

As winter approaches, the turkeys prepare for it as a natural bird would, becoming plump and juicy with wholesome feed instead of injected oils and stuff that city birds are prone to.

Who was that hen I saw you with last night?

Visit Us!

We love visitors, and we're easy to find.  Route 7 is the main north-south feeder down the Champlain Valley between Burlington and Rutland, and we're on Route 17 not too far from the intersection of Rt. 17 and Rt. 7 in New Haven Junction.

Drop In!

Print this page, and bring it along on your next drive!

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Only the finest food products receive the
Vermont Seal of Quality

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Give us a call at
(802) 453-4748

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Misty Knoll Farms
RR#1, Box 232B
New Haven, VT 05472

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